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Shopify Coutre eCommerce Theme

Shopify Coutre eCommerce Theme

Setting up your very own online apparel ecommerce theme is never so easy until you got hold of the Shopify Coutre eCommerce theme, the simple yet elegant and minimalistic wordpress ecommerce theme
Shopify Couture eCommerce theme is designed specifically for high-end fashion shops. Featuring the latest in web technologies, this sleek and elegant theme will make your products stand out from your competitor.
To learn more click on Shopify Coutre eCommerce Theme
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WordPress eCommerce Templatic Kidzstore Theme

WordPress eCommerce Theme Templatic Kidzstore are designed with one main intention that is to equip the theme with the must-haves features for a well functional e-commerce Kidz Store. Here’s a short summary..

One Click – Auto Install

this theme features our awesome single click install feature. You won’t have to set each and everything step
by step (like you do with competetor theme). Simply Activate the theme and this theme auto populates
sample products, categories and does the basic settings (you can remove them with single click). It’s much
easier now to understand how the theme works and all you need to do is, edit the sample products and place
your own. You do not need technical knowledge.


One of the reason it took us long time to complete the backend of the e-commerce themes is,usability. We
studied best practices of building e-commerce websites, studied lots of successful online Kidz Stores and
brainstormed some of the key pages and functionality that may impact the sales process that your customer
goes through. We reduced the steps of the process, restructured the purchase experience, debated on the small
elements such as button / text / colors / notifications etc., finally concluding our base e-commerce theme to be
one of the very easy to use and best performing purchase experience so far.

Different modes of Shopping Cart

You may sell anything – tangible or intangible using our themes. You have an option to create your website in
any mode.

Shopping Cart

Like the standard shopping cart that you see on other e-commerce websites. You may choose to have “add to cart”
mode and let the users add all the items they want and then lead them to checkout or,you can have “buy now” mode
and take them straight to checkout when they select a product.

Digital Shop

If you are selling digital product of any kind, this is a perfect option for you. Are you selling icons,digital art, PDF,
e-books, scripts or any other kind of digital goodies? Select this option and when a user makes a purchase, they
will have an account generated at your site and they can download their purchase any time. You don’t have to
worry about third party digital delivery sites.

Catalog mode

Maybe you only want to showcase your items and don’t want to sell it online? Simply choose this mode and you
will have “send inquiry” button instead of buy now / add to cart. Visitors thus, can send an inquiry on the products
they like.

Manage Products

Add / Edit / Delete products are as easy as you create a wordpress blog post. You have a custom panel where-in
you can edit the product description, different parameters, upload product images etc. real easy.

Order Management

Depending upon the settings from your admin panel, you can manage the order – approve, process or cancel /
reject an order.

Shipping Options

As an admin, you can choose Free, Flat rate; Weight or Price based shipping option for your Kidz Store.What’s
more you can even set free shipping for particular items in case you’ve set other option for your Kidz Store.

Multiple Payment Gateways

You have PayPal,, Google Checkout, WorldPay, bank transfer and Cash on Delivery as payment
gateway options. Choose the gateway you prefer.

Manage Tax

You may specify overall tax percentage that applies to all your products and, you may choose to leave individual
products tax free

Grid view / List view

Whenever you are browsing the product collection, you have an option to see the products in list view or grid
view. It’s built-in by default.

Guest Checkout

Wish to provide an option to your users to checkout without registration? No problems. Simply activate the
guest checkout option from theme admin panel and your buyers will not to register. They simply provide their
email address and we create the logins for them. If admin wants, theycan choose to send/not send their logins
to them.

User registration

Users may register on your site or, they will be taken to registration page on the checkout procedure.They will
have their own user area where they can keep track of their order, manage profile and download purchased digital

Bulk Upload ( csv )

Using another shopping cart solution for your Kidz Store and want to switch to our Kidz Store themes? No worries
You can export your data from there in .csv files and import it in your wordpress installation when you use our Kidz
Store themes. (sample .csv file included with the theme)

Coupon codes

Admin can generate coupon codes for occasional sales promotion.

Product Images

Built in multiple product image upload. Uploaded images are auto re-sized to fit various thumbnails required
throughout the site. Also the product zoom functionality is built it.

Other parameters

Specifying Tax, weight, color(s), size(s) are easy. Also you may specify different prices for different size/colors just in case.

Specify product size(s), color(s), and other miscellaneous features

You may specify Size chart if applied, When viewing a product Similar Products are automatically displayed, Several
additional custom widgets are built in such as customer support, Subscribe, socialize, promo banners etc. that you can
use for your Kidz Store website.

Affiliate Module

As an admin, you may choose to activate affiliate program where your customers/others can signup as an affiliate partner
and start promoting your products. They will be able to track their affiliate data in real time, and as an admin, you will be
able to export/check affiliate reports easily. A great way to boost your sales.


Of course the themes come with blog, pages etc. functionality with some page templates so you can have a blog for
your website.

To purchase, click on the BUY NOW  button and you will be taken to a secured online paypal payment page for payment purposes.

Access to the product download is almost immediate when successful payment have been made via Paypal

Templatic Kidzstore Theme  $ 27.00 USD(+/- S$ 34.85 SGD)






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WordPress eCommerce Theme -WPA Storefront Theme

WordPress WPA Storefront touted as the ext best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store easily in wordpress.
It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend
administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

WPA Storefront is an eCommerce WordPress theme built upon the Wp-E-Commerce plugin.
By focusing on the homepage, we’ve put your products front and center and given you more control
over how your customers shop on your site.


WPA Storefront theme comes in 5 different color schemes.

Pictorial llustration on how to install



To purchase WP eCommerce theme, click on the BUY NOW button and you will be taken to a secured Paypal
Online payment processor for payment.

Access to the product download is almost immediate when you made a successful payment online

WPA Storefront Theme $ 30.00 USD(+/- S$ 38.72 SGD)






View DEMO click WP eCommerce

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WordPress eCommerce Theme -Diesel Clothing Store


WordPress Diesel Clothing eCommerce Theme isthe best theme if you are selling fashion wear such as jeans or other jeans related products or services,then this is the one theme that you ought not to miss.

Free eCommerce Theme -Diesel Clothing is an excellent theme for an ecommerce or blog to associate with jeans online store.

Free eCommerce Theme- Diesel Clothing allows you to showcase your post’s in the FEATURED posts section and the best part is uploading of images is simply a breeze and the header graphic can easily be tweaked.

Price USD5.00
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Free WordPress Theme – Music Life

Free WordPress Theme – Music Life

MusicLife is a free news WordPress theme with featured content option and options
page. Supports post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche, especially for news or magazine


  • Easy to use options page
  • Featured Image Ready
  • 125×125 banners ready (easy editable from admin options)
  • Compatible with latest WordPress versions
  • Widgets Ready
  • SEO Optimizedy
  • Fixed width
  • Gravatar on Comments
  • Tested and compatible with all major browsers: IE, FF, Safari


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Free WordPress eCommerce Theme -Emporium

Free WordPress eCommerce Theme -Emporium















Best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store easily in wordpress. It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.


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Free WordPress eCommerce Theme – Viroshop

 Free WordPress eCommerce Theme – Viroshop


Your eCommerce website should be a high converting machine that not only looks great but also builds tremendous credibility.

Viroshop turns your default wordpress installation into a fully functional online store. Viroshop can be run entirely in your wordpress admin, so whether you’re a WordPress Pro or just starting out anyone can use this theme and you don’t have to touch a single line of code.

THEME UPDATE – V 1 .2 – May 20th ‘10

  • Coupon Module
    - Offer discount to those who have the secret coupon code. You can set the discount percentage rate, secret code, coupon message and more via the theme options.

THEME UPDATE – V 1 .1 – May 10th ‘10

  • Thumbnail Search Results
    - Fixed bug. Product thumbnails now display correctly in search results.
  • Homepage Price Tags
    - New option to display prices on the homepage.
  • Register Link
    - Optional to display “Register” link in navigation.
  • Member Prices
    - Now you can set the price of a product for your members, an example could be giving discount for certain items that are only available to members only.
  • Updated Documentation

Theme Features

  • Customer WishList
  • Frontend Login/Register
  • Fancy Image Slider (demo is set as static image)
  • Featured Product Carousel
  • Dropdown/Collapsing Categories
  • Automatic Thumbnails
  • Blog Integrated
  • Font replacement (cufon)
  • Widget ready

Shopping Cart Features

  • Payment Methods – PayPal or Google Checkout
  • Product Specifications – Size, Color e.t.c (can be different for each product)
  • Four Optional Product Image Views
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
  • Set Global Tax Rate
  • Quantities
  • Custom write panels
  • Priced Options (an example would be selling an MP3 Player that is priced differently according to which model the visitor chooses)

Shipping Methods

  • Flat rate shipping
  • Individual product shipping
  • Give visitors the option to choose a shipping method
  • Shipping increments by percentage

Additional Features

  • Extensive Theme Options
  • Custom favicon
  • Custom logo
  • Two widget ready sidebars, (shop and blog section)
  • Personalized registration confirmation emails


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Free WordPress eCommerce Theme -ApplCloud

Free WordPress eCommerce Theme -ApplCloud

AppCloud Lite WordPress eCommerce Theme

AppCloud Lite is the best Free WordPress eCommerce Theme with e-store design
that will help you to display your gadget/apps.The features included SEO optimized.


AppCloud WordPress eCommerce Theme features are:

  • Featured Products
  • Products Search
  • product slideshow
  • WP e-commerce 3.8 integration
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Recent Product
  • Valid CSS/XHTML, cross-browser compatible
  • SEO optimized


Features in AppCloud E-Commerce WordPress Theme:

- Simple layout
- Clean and professional look
- Readable
- Integrated with WP E-commerce
- Javascript slideshow
- Add random app/gadget images at pages
- Add 2 layouts (horizontal and vertical) for app/gadget images
- Featured Products
- Most Download
- Top Selling
- Contact form with re-captcha integration
- Valid CSS and XHTML
- Add registration plugin
- Categorized products view
- Products search
- Widget sidebar



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Storefront Elegance Theme

Discover How You Can Have The Flexibility
To Organize And Build Your Online Shop
Just The Way You Want With Storefront
Elegance Theme
















The Revamped Storefront Elegance Theme

Storefront Elegance Theme has been given a fresh coat of paint to coincide with the new 3.8 version
of WP-e-Commerce. New features like Product Gridview, Product Image Galleries, Unified Search,
custom product page templates and blog templates give this theme more than just a new coat of
paint…it’s more of a reincarnation!


Product Features

The Storefront Elegance theme design is beautifully minimalistic. It uses no images; not even
for the cart and twitter icons!

Images, Carts and Icons were created using a custom font so that their color matches with the
text color you choose from your Theme Options Panel. The theme options panel gives you
compete control over your colors, logo and site background and the built in page templates
and custom menu integration give you the flexibility to organize and build your shop just
the way you want to.

The homepage features the Nivo Slider and you can configure each of the 16 different effects
through your theme options panel. You can also utilize the optional carousel to display
products, categories, blog posts or even the included carousel custom post type.

The google fonts API gives the theme a unique look. However if you choose not to use them
or want to change them, they can be configured to other web-safe fonts from the theme options

The theme comes bundled with 4 different templates for pages: Right Sidebar(default), Left
Sidebar, 3 Column and Full Width. Best of all, these templates are also made available for
your default products page, single product page, default blog page and single blog pages.

New For WPEC 3.8!

  • 7 New effects available for the slider!
  • New thickbox effect for all images, including product galleries and blog thumbnails!
  • Newly designed product image gallery on single product pages that automatically
    adjusts to your single image size!
  • New product page gridview option!
  • The default product page and single product page can be configured to use any of
    the 4 page templates available with the theme!
  • The default blog pages and single blog pages can be configured to use any of the 4
    page templates available with the theme!
  • New Unified Search feature lets you search products, posts and pages from one place!
  • Elegance is now translation ready! All our text now uses WordPress functions and
    can be accessed using translation plugins like WPML and by creating .mo and .po files!
  • Choose to link to the product image or single product page from your gridview images
  • New for developers! All shop templates are now included in the theme folder for easy

To order click on the BUY NOW button below

PayPal Verified Since 2002

And you will be taken to a secured paypal payment page.And download is almost immediate upon successful payment



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Free WordPress eCommerce Theme -Kelontong WordPress eCommerce

Free WordPress eCommerce Theme-Kelontong














The name “WordPress” definitely needs no introduction because it has already become a household name for
bloggers due to its huge library of free to use themes and plugins.

Those bloggers who had use WordPress as their blogging platform would strongly agree with me that it is the
best online blogging platform. And if you are looking to set up your own online storethen you ought not to miss
the Free eCommerce Theme -Kelontong WordPress eCommerce

Download link 1

Download link 2


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