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SEO Link Bot Product Review

SEO Link Bot is the new kid on the block when it comes down to creating web 2.0 farms with a click of the button. Unlike the competition (and SENuke specifically), SEO Link Robot can be purchased with a ONE time fee (around 200 bucks) rather than a permanent, “two figure lease” each month.

SEO Link Bot is actually a bunch of programs all linked together. There’s a web 2.0 bot, a RSS bot, a social bookmarking bot, and a web 2.0 mini net bot, and a Pinger Bot. Many of these bots are tied together. So you get quite a bit included in the package. So is it worth it? We’ll get to that in a bit.

Here’s what the “main” program does according to the website:

* Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot (22+ sites and growing)
* Auto Create ‘Random’ Open link wheel structures using simple article tags
* Uses either inline article or footer urls tag linking
* Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s
* Auto builds you backlinks from web 2.0 properties
* Auto Social Bookmarks all of your links
* Auto RSS feed submissions for your RSS feeds
* Automatically de-captchas using Death By Captcher or Decaptcher
* Automates the verification of your emails
* Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot
* Creates mini networks from your web 2.0 properties

Here’s are SEO Link Bot main features:

* Create Accounts with over 22 web 2.0 sites and posts content (spun or unspun)
* Create Accounts with nearly a dozen social book mark sites
* Create Accounts with 2 RSS feed aggrigators
* Posts content to created web 2.0 accounts then submit each to social bookmarks and rss feeds
* Create mini web 2.0 farms (ala SE NUKE) out of your web 2.0 properties.

Now there are OTHER features that come with the program that I’ll discuss in a later update. But the “guts” of this program is the ability to create web 2.0 accounts, post content, then link all the sites together and to your money site. Anyone whose familiar with some of the article submission software programs like Article Demon or Article Marketing Robot will be familiar with how the automatic account creation works.

There are actually two types of web 2.0 submissions you can do.

1. Fill 22 web 2.0′s with content and links (you specify how many and to what)
2. Create clusters of 5 web 2.0′s that link to each other and a single site (a linkwheel)

The Good

  • Easy to create accounts and submit to web 2.0′s
  • Interface is clean and well set up
  • Submissions pretty quick
  • Different linking options (straight submit to web 2.0s or create link clusters)
  • CHEAP compared to SE Nuke (one time fee of 200 versus 147 a month)
  • Bookmarks and RSS’s each web 2.0 post (if you choose to)
  • Support for Death by Captacha and Decaptchar to automate submissions completely
  • A good reporting system (you can easily see all posts submitted for a profile, feed URL’s posted, etc). Makes it easy to grab the URL’s so you can do furthur backlinking work on them

The Bad

  • Not all web 2.0′s work. –There are 22 web 2.0′s supported, but I’m finding that only 70% of them allow you to create an account and post!
  • Needs more Web 2.0′s. — There are only 22 included, and a good 5-6 of those don’t work at all! This bot would be far more effective if had 40 or 50 web 2.0s. More will be added with future updates, so we’ll see what we end up with in a month or two…
  • Only has 2nd Tier web 2.0′s – Most of the web 2.0′s are second tier (not high authority). Not present are,,, and so on. This means that unless you do a lot of secondary backlinking to your web 2.0′s, you won’t see them ranking very high naturally — not like say an ezine, hubpage, or even squidoo would. is included, BUT, in my experience, wordpress is draconian about keeping off crap. Any sort of marketing article will likely be removed from
  • No direct support for proxies – There is indirect support for a proxy, but you have to set up Internet Explorer directly to use a proxy. Awkward, especially for people who use something like yourprivateproxy and have 10+ proxies
  • Program still has bugs –I’ve noticed capatcha’s fail (and you have to close down the window to continue), some of the posts hang up, the program has closed down on occasion. Not a gamebreaker here, but these need to be fixed soon.
  • SLOW — The more I use this program the more I’m annoyed with how slow it is. Don’t expect to create accounts + do a submission round in anything less than an hour.

SEO Link RoBot In Use

Well there are a lot of features packed into the software. Most of them work as advertised. The software will create web 2.0′s on 18 or so web 2.0′s and post spun content to them, then submit up to 10 social bookmarks and 2 RSS submission to each post.

The program makes it a breeze to do this with a couple clicks. You also have the hyped up “link wheel” option where you can create up to 6 web 2.0′s that all link together while also linking to the money site. However, I was dissapointed to only find it only lets you link 6 properties together (you can choose random ones or specify which ones). I would much rather be able to link  ALL the properties into a bigger link wheel, rather then small clusters. What was also annoying is that a few of the web 2.0′s on the list are effectively dead — you either can’t create an account with them or if you can, you can’t submit posts. This means that your mini web 2.0 link wheel clusters often end up with 2-4 rather than 6.

Not all the web 2.0′s work.




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