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RSS Equalizer Product Review

Discover How A New Software Can Help To Improve Your Website Search Engine Ranking Position By Helping You Fill Thousands of Web Pages with Free, Fresh Content, Legally…Without You Even Have To Intervene     


Every internet marketer is fully aware that “Fresh Content is king” If you owned quite a few web sites, promoting different products to generate multiple streams of income, you will face the problem of how to constantly keep your contents fresh, so that visitors can keep coming back to your sites, and search engines can spider them more often, therefore maintain your website good search engine ranking

Writing content is hard, especially when you are promoting multiple domains.

Discover How A New Software Can Help You To Automatically Put Fresh Content On All Your Web Pages

RSS Equalizer is a server-side script that lets you add dynamic RSS feeds to any or all of your website pages. RSS feeds are constantly updated, theme-based content that compels your visitors to bookmark your site & return to it repeatedly to see what’s new. All feeds are HTML-based, which means you never have to  deal with Javascript again

Here’s what the RSS EquaIizer Can Do for You

-RSS Equalizer is filled with most up-to-date information, targeted to a particular keyword.

-The best part is, they are self-updating, without your  interference whatsoever.

-Every time a visitor or a search engine spider comes by, they will see fresh content

How Does It Works

You need to supply the software a specific keyword, it will go to a RSS feed search engine and grab feeds that are pertained to that keyword, and display the content in real time. Since those news feeds update very often, on any given day, your page will show different content.

And here’s what you have to do

-Install and set up the script, added a couple of lines of simple code to my existing html files and uploaded them to server.

And here’s are the benefits for using RSS Equalizer

Because RSS Equalizer will flood your website with fresh contents, it will keeps your visitor coming back for more latest information, and search engines like it, because it’s their job to provide searchers the latest information and they will rank your page higher because you have it.

Click here to see a diagram.

What is RSS feed?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable “What’s New” for a web site. RSS has quickly become a popular means of sharing content between sites (including the BBC, CNET, CNN, Disney, Forbes, Motley Fool, Wired, Red Herring, Salon, Slashdot, ZDNet, and more). RSS solves myriad problems webmasters commonly face, such as increasing traffic, and gathering and distributing news.

Is using other people’s RSS feeds legal?

The short answer is yes. Most sites that make their feeds publicly available actually encourage you to syndicate their feeds. They get free publicity and more traffic that way. They have the total control of what headline and description they allow you to display. In return, you agree to link the headline to their sites. It’s a win-win!

Will I get banned by Google?

Definitely not. There are many sites that are providing or subscribing to RSS feeds, not only they are not penalized by search engines, they actually rank very well, due to the fresh content on their sites.

How does it help my rankings?

Remember “Fresh content is king”? If search engines see your have constantly fresh content, they will come back to your site more often, and rank your pages higher, it’s simply their job to present fresh content to searchers. If you don’t have fresh content, even if you already have good rankings, your site may slip due to competition.

Does it produce java script code?

No, the resulting page is generated with plain html code. Many search engines, including Google, complete ignore javascript. Since RSS Equalizer produces html code, search engines can read it and index your pages accordingly.

Does it generate php pages?

The script is written in php, that’s why you need a host that supports php. But the result pages use html file extension. It’s believed that Google indexes html pages faster than php pages.

Can I use it without Traffic Equalizer?

Sure you can. You can hard code your keyword you want to target for a particular page. But with Traffic Equalizer or similar program, the power of fresh content just becomes hundreds, even thousands more explosive.

What else does RSS Equalizer do?

Well, believe it or not, it comes with a built-in hit tracker. When you put one line of tracking code on a page, it can tell you how many times that page has been accessed, With that information, you can further optimize a few selected pages that receive a lot of hits to get even more traffic!

Can I see some screen shots?

Definitely. Here are three snap shots of RSS Equalizer control panel, they will be loaded into a new window when clicked.

RSS Settings: controls the look and feel of RSS feeds.

Tracker Results: displays total number of hits for a specific keyword page (I set it up as a test, so very few hits so far).

Get Code: cut and paste the code from here and put it on the pages where you want RSS feeds to be displayed.

As you can see, it’s very easy to operate.

Can I see an example page?

Sure, click here to see a result page that has RSS feeds at the top and Traffic Equalizer listings at the bottom. The targeted keyword for that page is “click marketing pay per ppc”.

How easy is it to integrate RSS Equalizer into Traffic Equalizer pages?

It’s actually very straight forward. All you need to do is add 3 lines of code in the result template, and regenerate TE pages, now all your TE pages will have live RSS feeds in them. No need to generate a separate set of pages.

What is system requirement?

The script requires php and MySQL database. Vast majority of linux/unix hosts offer them, some even for free. Some Windows host also provide this environment.

How do I know if my host supports php?

Download this file, unzip it, then upload phpinfo.php file to your domain document folder, where you home page is located. Browse If you only see blank page, that means your host doesn’t support php.

If you want an easy and effortless way to improve your website search engine ranking position without you having to update your websites with fresh contents,check out Resell Rights Home Base Business Tools Membership And Ebook Store Products RSS Equalizer now


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    Clean Drive Product Review

    It is a common problem that almost anything that you do on your PC can be spied out by others. There is a big market where money is made by simply tracking your online behavior (what sites you surf, what you like to search for…).

    If you don’t want that your privacy will be fully destroyed, you should do something against.

    Cleandrive logo

    Privacy Protection

    GSA Cleandrive can help you to get rid of most of the privacy violations you get each day. It deletes all internet traces (like the web sites you have visited), recently opened files (like your last played video files) or even the logs that show what programs you have run lately (for example a game you have started in office). This award winning antispy software deletes your history of activities on your PC. Erase tracks that could be used to steal your identity ( Identity Theft – someone else pretends to be you).

    System Optimization

    The program will help you to make your machine faster. The longer you have a system, the more programs you install, the slower your system will become. By cleaning up unused files and temp directories of your applications, it will result in a much faster and stable system. You will be surprised how much more free disk space you will get after a cleanup.

    Fast Analysis – Easy to use

    GSA Cleandrive is extremely fast. You can cleanup your system within seconds (depending on your configuration). The program is available in 26 languages (Arab, Brazilian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malayan, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish) to make it easy for you to use all the unique features.


    • Delete history of recently accessed direct draw applications
    • Delete history of recently accessed direct input applications
    • Delete history of last accessed files
    • Clean up Microsoft Send-To Extensions
    • Remove windows application log files
    • Empty history of windows documents
    • Remove windows Downloaded Installations
    • Empty recycling bin
    • Cleanup explorer user assistant history
    • Delete history of windows findfile interface
    • Delete cached FTP accounts
    • Remove hotfix uninstall
    • Delete mapped drives cache
    • Windows Media Player clean up
    • Remove windows mini dump files
    • Remove MUICache
    • Clean up recently accessed network links
    • Delete history of windows open/save
    • Remove windows open with history
    • Delete prefetch cache
    • Cleanup regedit history
    • Delete windows run history
    • Empty search history
    • Reset start menu order
    • Clear stream history
    • Empty windows temp directory
    • Empty windows update directory
    • Remove windows usb history
    • Reset unread mail count
    • Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Netscape, Mozilla, Reset unread mail count
    • Remove cookies from browser
    • Delete cache files from browser
    • Remove browser privacy history
    • Delete recently accessed typed urls history
    • Remove browser url history
    • Empty browser autocomplete history
    • Clean upall downloaded files cache
    • Remove browser passwords cache
    • Clean up the history of your Messengers (AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Miranda, MSN Messenger, Trillian, Yahoo! Messenger, …)
    • Remove privacy related information of over 300 other applications like Microsoft Office, Winrar, WinAMP, …)

    Click Clean Drive now if you want to evaluate on this awesome software












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