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WordPress Tutorials -How To Create Blogs Using WordPress

WordPress Tutorials -How To Create Blogs Using WordPress

In this post we focus on creating blogs using the WordPress Blogging Platform . We shall assume you
have signed up for a web hosting account and will take up from there. (In case, you have not sign up
for any, you may wish to check out the Site ground’s offer. Imagine paying only USD 9.97 for one
full year of web hosting service?)

Many Web hosting service providers out there provides their customer with free installation of Word
Press Blogging Software which is usually done through their Web Hosting Control Panel or commonly
known as the CPANEL.

After you have signed up with your preferred web hosting service providers, you will be given a Cpanel
account, user name and password to access the Cpanel.

Now lets get started with your Word Press installation

How do I get Word Press?

First, you need to go to your domain name Cpanel, which is accessible via the url …example So if you own a domain, then your cpanel link
will be

Navigate to your Cpanel link. Once there, enter your user id and login password to access your Cpanel


When you have successfully logged in, a new window will opened up :



Concentrate on the Right Hand Side Control Panel, scroll down to the bottom of the panel until
you see the FANTASTICO DELUXE ICON or the SOFTACULOUS ICON. For your information
, either one can be used to install the wordpress blogging software

Click the Softaculous or the Fantastico icon  to install the WordPress blogging Application
on your Cpanel


Upon clicking on the FANTASICO or SOFTACULOUS ICON the next window will opened up


What  you will need to do to install the Word Press is by clicking “new installation” link . It’s that easy!




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